5 Steps to a Million Dollar Marketing Agency by Tim Stoddart

5 Steps to a Million Dollar Marketing Agency

Why do some agency owners rake in cash while others work 80 hours a week to barely break even?

This free workshop will give you the EXACT game plan to go from $0 to $1,000,000 without getting burned out. 

What's included?

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Decide on Your Specialization
How to differetiate yourself from the competition
8 mins
Don't forget to fill out the worksheet
Start with Networking Instead of Sales
Understanding how to make your network become your net worth
8 mins
Establish Your Process
How to maximize your profits and increase your margins
13 mins
Be a Service Business
Why Being of Service is Actually a Great Business Strategy
7 mins
Build a Million Dollar Team
How to Get the Best Employees and Build the Level of Quality
8 mins